FAQ - Kamikaze Space
Kamikaze Space

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kamikaze Space?

Kamikaze Space is a new, addictive and free space shooter game for Android.

How to Play

Rotate the space station (by swiping around it in a dialing motion) to aim your lasers at the aliens. Then just lift your finger off the screen to shoot all lasers at once. But don't waste your shots: Too much and your lasers will overheat (they will regenerate over time).


Life Energy - Although your energy will regenerate over time, with these power-ups (round yellow items) you will get energy much more and faster. Btw: Of course you will loose energy if the enemy hits you, and if you are out of energy it's game over for you. In Hardcore-Mode it's even harder, because there is no energy to collect. One hit and you are gone.

Extra Laser - You can collect additional lasercannons (round blue items), so that you can shoot in more directions. At maximum you can have eight lasers pointing at North, South, West, East and between. But be careful: You will loose your upgraded laser if your cannon gets hit (and with only a few lasers left it gets really challenging).

Extra ZigZag-Laser - With this special and rare laser it's much easier to hit the aliens. Try to collect all four of them. If there's no space left, they will replace your standard lasers.

When will the game end?

Never. It's just getting faster and faster and with each level there will be different aliens. Depressing, I know ; ) But you can try to beat other players by trying to reach the best score.

Normal- vs Hardcore-Mode

In the Hardcore Gamemode there are no energy extras to collect and you will die instantly after being hit. There are also separate Leaderboards for both gamemodes. Try to reach the highscore in both.

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